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  • What is Adult Foster Care (AFC)?
    AFC is a program for frail elderly and adults with disabilities who cannot live alone safely. The program is for those who need daily help with personal care, and want to live in a family setting rather than in a nursing home or other similar facility. The Caregiver provides meals, companionship, personal care assistance, and 24-hour supervision.
  • Who is eligible for AFC?
    • 16 years of age or older • unable to live alone due to a medical, physical, cognitive, or mental condition • need daily assistance with one or more activities of daily living (ADL’s) • willing to live with a Caregiver • coverage by MassHealth Standard or MCO’s participant
  • Who can be a Care Manager?
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  • Who can be a Caregiver?
    Caregivers can be family members or non-family members. However, caregivers cannot be spouses, parents of minor children, or legally responsible relatives. Caregivers must be approved by the program (interview, references, CORI check, etc.), and be able to provide 24-hour supervision. Caregivers receive a reasonable stipend for their services, and receive appropriate training required by MassHealth.
  • What benefits does an AFC recipient get?
    An AFC recipient will be treated like a member of the family by the Caregiver. The recipient can live at the Caregiver’s home, or the Caregiver can move into the recipient’s home. The Caregiver will prepare meals and snacks, do shopping, laundry, and housekeeping tasks to maintain a clean safe living space. Will also provide with personal care, transportation to medical appointments and social visits, and intervene in behavioral situations when needed.
  • The Adult Foster Care (AFC) agency provides:
    Careful screening and training of your Caregiver’s family, case management, and service coordination. Periodic visits by a Care Manager and Registered Nurses to monitor medical conditions. Evaluation of Caregiver’s services, with support and training.
Frequently Asked Questions
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